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Jul. 14th, 2010


So this week has been all about planning it seems: planning for buffalo, planning for tour, planning for law school, planning for emma and i's road trip next summer. And it made me realize how much i love planning shit. Maybe i should be an event coordinator instead of a lawyer? Lol, nah then i wouldnt get paid to piss people off state my case. Then what fun would life be? Having to listen to other people all the time? No thank you. I need to have some degree of control over my life or i simply go crazy. I just wish i could go straight from law school to partner in a firm, but that pretty much never happens. Oh well.

I honestly do think im back on the right track with my life again. After all the drama that was Angel out in tulsa, i really seemed to lose track of who i was and what i wanted to be doing, and that honestly wasnt fair to me. I kept listening to her tell me that i was basically living my life wronf simply because she had me convinced that maybe she was right. And honestly, i should have told her to just shut up, because what has she done thats so great with her life? Shes still in school trying to get a degree to get a job thats based on experience. I tried telling her that a million times, but she would never listen to me. Then would get mad that i would get called up to work shows and she wouldnt. Well, doing all that stuff for free? That got me the experience i needed to finally start getting paid.

But enough. One week until buffalo and my boys and that feeling of finally being home. I cant WAIT

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Jun. 29th, 2010

Upcoming shows post

So since i havent updated in about forever, i need to do an upcoming shows post. Honestly my calendar is really lacking in that department, but i suppose its better that way; i really need to start saving for things like law school and emma and i's epic road trip next year.
Anyway, shows:
•7/21: Hanson @ Club Infinity - Buffalo, NY
•8/1: Alex Band @ The Basement - Columbus, OH
•8/19: Hanson @ House of Blues - Cleveland, OH
•8/20: Hanson @ Carnegie Music Hall - Pittsburgh, PA
•8/21: Hanson @ Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
•8/23: Hanson @ Moonlite Gardens - Cincinnati, OH
•8/24: Hanson @ Egyptian Room - Indianapolis, IN


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Jun. 18th, 2010

Life or something like it

Once again, sitting ay nationwide arena thinking about exactlyhow my life up until now has turned out. Not that i habe any huge regrets, because i really dint, its more of a "how didi end up HERE?" situation. 26 years old and living with my mother? This is not how life was supposed to turn out. But ireally only blame myself. After discovering live music and hearing the call of the road, i had a serious lack of motivation for about 5 year. I think im back on track no, but its hard to tell. I hope iam

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Jun. 15th, 2010

Thoughts while waiting

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Jun. 13th, 2010

(no subject)

So i just got an ipod touch and i can update my lj from it, so you might be hearing from me alot more often now. If you care that id; not entirely sure anyone really does anymore.
Since the last update almost a YEAR ago (sorry about that), alot gas changed. The biggest change is that ive decided to go to law school and become a corporate lawyer. I took my lsat on the 7th and should be getting the results back on the 28th. Hopefully i did fairly well on it because i honestly dont have the money to take it again plus have application money and money to get my trabscripts and everything that goes along with applying to law school. Its really stressing me out already and i havent even started applying yet lol
I also went out to nyc for a week for the 5 of 5 concerts with hanson and that was absolutely AMAZING. seriously. If money were no object, i would spend so much more time in nyc. Im sure if i actually lived there id feel a lot differeny, but it was honestly one of the best times ive had in a really, really long time. A hansonshow every night was really just an added bonus, honestly. Still cant believe we actually made it to 6 shows in 6 days. That was kinda exhausting buti wouldnt have changed a moment of it for anything in the world. The best thing i think we did was finding a rock in central park and just laying back and sunning ourselves for awhile. Talk about relaxing.
Speaking of hanson, theyre going on tour again this summer, and of course im not just going to one show. I never just go to one show lol. So this tour, im hitting up buffalo, cleveland, pittsburgh, columbus, cincinnati, and indianapolis. Ill hit my 50th show in pitt, where gabby and i just happen to have front row seats. The entire thing is kinda bittersweet because the numbet 50 just makes me realize how big of a part of my life these bots really are. It sounds stupid to say, but it really feels like were all family at this point. Oh its not just with the boys eithet, but with the fans as well. Someone said once that the shows are more than just SHOWS, theyre like family reunions. Its so true; there are so many people that i consider really good friends that i never see outside of shows. Most of my best friends in the world i would have never mey if it wasnt for these boys and the music and that silly song 13 years ago. I might cry in pitt simply because its such a milestone in my life as a fan.
Other than that i dont know what to post about. If you want to know anything about the last year of my life, please ask. Hopefully ill start updating more now

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Jun. 8th, 2010

Long time, no post. Not a real update. Lyrics post

Lyrics for the new Hanson album, Shout It Out

I know that you've been waiting for thisCollapse )

Jul. 9th, 2009

(no subject)

I love ppl posting cryptic entries on lj. So high school

Jan. 7th, 2009

(no subject)

1. Name:
2. Date of birth:
3. Where you live:
4. What makes you happy:
5. Currently listening/the last thing you listened to:
6. Do you read my journal?:
7. If yes, what makes it especially good or bad?:
8. An interesting fact about you:
9. What do you love at the moment?:
10. Favourite place to spend time:
11. Favourite lyric:
12. The best time of the year:

1. A film:
2. A book:
3. A band, a song, or album:

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Look at my friends-list and tell what you like about one of our mutual friends:
4. Put this in your journal so that I can tell you what I like about you.

Nov. 12th, 2008

(no subject)

So, the Wichita to even begin to describe it?

Amazing? Yes
Hilarious? Of course
Great show? As always
Made some, as Kateland would say, "insta-friends"? Yes!

It began early Thursday morning with the worlds most boring drive ever: through Oklahoma and Kansas to Wichita. At 8am. Yeah, uh....brown...more brown...oh look brown...OH HAY A TOLL!...brown....

Shoot me.

Got to Wichita about 11am and went to the venue to see Lacee and Christina and see what was up. At the time, the only other people around were Brandi and Amanda....Brandi I like, Amanda I hate. Let's just get that out right now. So I wrote a number on my hand (which lasted all of 2 hours, but we'll get to that) and went to check into the hotel, which was a few miles away, and wait for Tiff to get in from Seattle.

There was a bit of drama checking in. Originally, I had only got the hotel for one night, but then all the girls and I decided it would be easier to just go ahead and get it for the second night so we had someplace to stash all our stuff and change and stuff, so I changed it. Well, when I got there, they had no record that I had changed it (even though the money had already been put on my card) so they had to call and get it straightened out. Luckily, told them I had, indeed, changed the reservation and I was booked there for two nights. Whew, crisis #1 averted.

So I went to the room, which was amazing btw, and hung out until Tiff got there, then we went back down to the venue to get her number (again, didn't last all that long). After that, we headed to Wal-Mart to get Jello. While we were there, we got a call from Lacee saying Brandi and Amanda were causing drama and we needed to get back there.

Now, neither Tiff nor I handle drama well. So we decided "Fuck it, it's just Hanson, it's not worth fighting over" and gave up our numbers. Life is better in the back row anyway. Of course, at this show, the "back row" was about 5 rows back.....

After dinner at Pizza Hut, we went back to the hotel to wait on Kate and Katie. Ester was supposed to come as well, but there was a problem with her flight and she ended up not able to come :(. It was really sad.

While we were waiting, we made a "massive Jello shot." Basically, we took my Blood:Water Mission water bottle, filled it with Jello and pucker, and stuck it in the fridge. Yup. It didn't turn out quiet as planned, despite being in the fridge for over 12 hours, but that's okay. It ended up being Kool-Aid. And the look we got....lmfao. We'll get there.

After Kate and Katie showed up, we did a celebratory vodka shot (which was kinda hilarious actually; we all toasted and shot it....then promptly started coughing, all of us) then went to explore the "courtyard". Now let me explain, the center of the hotel was just a massive empty space with....animal statues. Yup. Our favorite was the rino. We kinda did a photoshoot with it. Hilarious. There was also an alligator, which is not as comfortable as it looks. And somehow that lead to a very long discussion about which condoms we each like best (VIBRATING PLZ!).

Then we got "kicked out" of the courtyard by the LAMEST guard EVER. He was all, "Uhm....we're really not supposed to have people in here after 11....could you *sighs* please go to your room or something? That would be nice." lol, so we went back to the room and had some champagne and talked for a bit.

Then 1am rolled around and appearantly the consensus was that was bedtime. After calling down to the front desk to get a 9am wakeup call (from a man named Ramone who will growl at us plz), we all passed out.

The next day, we all leisurally woke up around 9. We were NOT, however, woken up by Ramone. What a let down (but appearantly Zac made up for it by growling after the show by the buses, cuz he stalks us, no lie). After the most amazing free breakfast EVER (srsly), we all got ready and headed out to the university for the walk.

The walk.....omg.

First of all, we were standing outside the art building CHUGGING the Jello (which had turned into Kool-aid) shot when the boys pulled up. Well, Kate was anyway. And we look over and Zac's sitting in the front seat of the van staring at us with this "omg wtf?" look on his face. And they just SAT there for the LONGEST time and Kate and I were passing this bottle back and forth chugging it. I'm sure we all looked quite insane. Finally, the van decided to pull up in front of the building and Zac was the first one to get out and he looked over at us with this HUGE smile on his face. I'm pretty sure at that point he knew what was going on and who we were.

Isaac got out next. All it took was Tiff saying "I'm from Seattle" to set him off. He stood there for, no lie, a good 5 minutes spewing off random facts about Wichita and then Tulsa and then how much he liked Wikipedia and it was awkward. The whole time, everyone was just staring at him like, "...........wut?" and Taylor was all "Isaac....Ike....IKE!!" The whole thing was hysterically awkward.

Oh and while the boys were inside, we molested a statue. And got yelled at for it. Just remember, WE MOLESTED A STATUE FIRST. Remember that.

Then, the walk started. First, Katie and Kateland gave Zac a robot.That he liked a little too much for a married father. But that's okay, because Zac is 5 at heart and we all know that. Then, they gave him fireworks; again, overly excited. Then they asked him a question about a line in Crazy Beautiful (which will never be the same again), to which he responded to by saying the word "orgy" about 25 times in a row. Implying something, Zachary? Cuz you know...I'm game.

The halfway speech was done in front of a "LOVE" statue. Which Zac decided to molest. BECAUSE HE WANTS TO BE US. He then proceeded to spend the ENTIRE speech playing with his robot.

After the halfway speech, I ended up having to babysit Zac. As I was walking by him to finish the walk, he was dropping the sticks of explosives out of his fireworks cube onto the ground. And of course, I can't let that kind of opportunity just pass me by. So we got into a conversation about how we couldn't take him anywhere cuz he's always dropping stuff and I had to take his fireworks from him and carry them the rest of the walk so they would make it back to the venue in one peice.
"I feel like I'm babysitting a child" - Me
"Sorry, Mom :(" - Zac

Tiff and I decided to tell hm we actually had more fireworks and were planning on setting them off behind the venue 15 minutes before doors. This lead to an entire conversation about whether or not fireworks were legal within city limits or not.
"So...are we outside the city enought to actually set these off....?" - Zac
"No, they're legal here." - Me
"REALLY?!' - Zac
"Yup, we googled it" - Me
":D!!!!" - Zac
Overly. Excited.

Then we walked through a "plaza" where yu could, according to the guide, dedicate bricks to important women in your life.
"Oh yeah Zac, try that. Get Kate a brick"
"What you don't think she would like a brick?"
"No, I think she'd kill yu if you got her a brick"
"So you don't think a brick is a good gift?"
"See I think she'd like it if she thought I put alot of thought into it and it meant I was thinking about her even on the road and I had to put some effort into it..."
"Go for it Zac"
"No really, I think she'd love a brick"
"So, get her a brick. I dare you"
"I think *youd* like a brick if it means I was thinking about you and cared about you and really put some effort into it..."
"Fine, get me a brick"
"Well, no not NOW. Not after that coversation"
o_O child is strange. And I still say a brick is NOT a romantic gift.

Then we got seperated for the rest of the walk.

When I went to give the fireworks back to him when we got back to the tables after the walk, I told him he needs to dedicate a song tonight to the NTA crew; he didn't need to know what it meant and we didn't care what song, he should just dedicate a song to us. He looked up at me with these wide eyes and slammed his hand down on the table and was like "I KNEW YOU GUYS WERE HERE!!" We <3 you too, Zac

After the walk was over, we decided to go to the Texas Roadhouse beside the hotel for dinner. After a pitstop at the hotel to change my shirt and get the glow necklaces, we headed over there.

We had....the most amazing waiter ever. His name was Chet. And we adore him to itty-bitty peices. He wasn't afraid to mess around with us and we joked with him the entire time we were there. We even got him to say "No Tay Allowed" on camera, even though he had no clue what it meant. And he was kinda hot. Honestly, he was one of the most amazing waiters I've ever had. I'd go back to Wichita just to have him wait on me again.

Haha, he told me next time I was in Wichita, we'd go drinking. <3

Then we headed over to the venue. And promptly headed around back because it was about 30 minutes before doors.

And set off the fireworks. Which appearantly started a rumor going through the line that Zac was back there with us setting them off. Which we will neither confirm nor deny. But I'm pretty sure he at least told security it was going to be happening, because no one came back to see what was going on, which we found really strange. I mean, if i was a guard at a venue and all the sudden I heard fireworks being set off behind the venue, I might get a little curious and see what was going on. But nope, no one even batted an eye. Weird. Too bad we didn't have time to set ALL of them off. I hope someone found them after the show and finished the job.

The show....was typical. Except the venue barely sold 500 tickets and the crowd was COMPLETELY dead, which sucked. But they played Crazy Beautiful. And as soon as they got to *THE LINE,* we all lost it. Including the boys. That song will never EVER be the same again.

Oh, and they played Bad Solution with Everybody Else. Fucking amazing considering they like to pretend the song doesn't really exist.

I feel bad that I had to leave immediately after the show let out, but I still had to drive home and somehow be awake for work the next morning.

All in all? Fucking amazing......

Apr. 9th, 2008

(no subject)

you dont hurt my feelings when you call me a chode

you dont hurt my feelings when you call me obsessed

you act like you know what hanson thinks about me (when you think i actually care. which i really....just kinda dont)

honestly, i can see why beth dislikes you so much. and with that, piss off. you know who you are.

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